Product & Pricing

There are a number of different options in relation to ordering packs from Farm Fresh Beef Cuts. Each pack comes in a whole, half or quarter beast option.  If you choose to have your meat packed it will be delivered to you in cryovac packs to lock in the freshness and extend the life of your meat.


Whole beast packed $1,800
Whole beast unpacked $1,700

1/2 Beast Packed $950
1/2 Beast Unpacked $900

1/4 Beast Packed $550
1/4 Beast Unpacked $520

Weights will vary however, averages are

Whole Beast - 125 kgs
Half Beast - 63 kgs
Quarter Beast - 32 kgs

If you would like a smaller beast give us a call and we can organise something to suit your needs.
K T,
Oct 10, 2013, 7:58 PM